Battle for Mumbai ends, death toll rises to 195

mumbai india battle

MUMBAI, India: Commandos Saturday killed the last remaining gunmen in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel to end the shocking attack by Islamic militants on India’s financial district that left 195 dead, including 22 foreigners.

Shortly after dawn broke on the third day of the siege in Mumbai, heavy gunfire and loud explosions signaled the final commando attack against the militants, who had held hundreds of security personnel at bay for 60 hours.

“All operations are over. All the terrorists have been killed,” Mumbai police chief Hassan Gafoor said, as the special forces units emerged from the smoke-filled hotel and firemen moved in to douse a fierce blaze.

The head of the commando forces, J.K. Dutt, said his men were conducting a final sweep of the battle-scarred Taj.

“We are now going through each and every room to make sure it is safe,” Dutt said, appealing to any guests still hidden in the hotel to make themselves known.

Mumbai disaster official R. Jadhav told AFP that 195 people had been killed and nearly 300 injured in the battle, which began when the dozen or so militants split into groups to attack multiple targets across the city, including the main railway station and a hospital.

Photo: AP