Billy Ray Cyrus Has No Problem with Miley’s Lap Dance

miley-cyrusMiley Cyrus‘ giving director-producer Adam Shankman a lap dance last year has not caused her father, Billy Ray, an achy, breaky heart. Billy Ray Cyrus shrugged off the controversy about his daughter’s lap dance video, saying that Miley was only “having fun” when the controversial video was shot last year.

“It’s what people her age do,” Billy Ray said in defense of her then-16-year-old daughter. The video, which has gone viral, shows the “Hannah Montana” star giving Shankman a sexy lap dance at a wrap party for the movie “The Last Song.” Some people found the video inappropriate, considering that Miley was only 16 at the time.

Billy Ray has been supportive of his daughter’s new sexy image, with Miley claiming that her dad “loves” her sexy video for “Can’t be Tamed,” the 17-year-old singer’s latest single. Billy Ray also defended her daughter last year when Miley pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards. Billy Ray said at the time that he gives his kids “a lot of freedom to make the art they wanna make, and make it in their own voice.”

Another thing that may have convinced Billy Ray that Miley’s lap dance was harmless is the fact that Shankman, who produced “The Last Song,” is openly gay.