‘Blair Witch’ star Heather Donahue ditched acting to grow weed

Heather Donahue Marijuana

Sometimes even actresses quit their jobs— just like Heather Donahue.

In 1999, Donahue was catapulted to fame after appearing as the lead character in the movie “The Blair Witch Project“. But a few years later her acting career stalled. So, naturally, she started to pursue a new profession — growing and selling marijuana.

Donahue, now 37, has written a book about her life after the hit indie horror flick, explaining that her drug-dealing started after getting fed up with her acting career.

“I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all,” Donahue told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The only thing she salvaged was the blue ski cap from the Blair Witch poster. “That’s the only thing I kept,” she said. “I figured if things got really bad, I could always sell it on eBay.”

According to the newspaper, Donahue first received a prescription for medical marijuana in 2007 to treat PMS (Premenstrual syndrome), and ended up following her boyfriend to a California town called Nuggettown and into a new life of growing pot, mostly for medical purposes. But she gave up the business and decided to write about her experience after a friend got busted.

Growgirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot” will be released on Jan. 5 by Penguin Group imprint Gotham Books. For more from Heather, click here.