BPI Express Credit: BPI rolls out digital innovations for Filipino online shoppers

How to satisfy women with shopping deals and a 3.5-incher?

Shopping has always been on top of most women’s to-do lists. But while it has become ‘conventional wisdom’ that women love everything that exudes beauty and elegance, here’s a lifestyle change of the digital age: Filipino women today use online shopping to de-stress and reward themselves.


Profile of a Filipino online shopper
In a virtual marketplace, a gorgeous dress and a bottle of skin moisturizer sell every 3 minutes; a handbag and a pair of earrings and necklaces are put inside an online shopping cart every 5 minutes; and a unit of the latest mobile device welcomes its new owner every 10 minutes.

Lorraine de Guzman, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who buys and sells dresses, bags, and shoes through the Internet, is one of the many Filipino women who have discovered the joy of online shopping. Like her, most online shoppers have been increasingly moving from crowded stores and intricately designed boutiques in malls to the one-click virtual platform known as online shopping. In fact, Filipino women account for 3 out of every 5 active online shoppers, according to a recent study[2], which also claims that 74% of all virtual shoppers in the Philippines purchase lifestyle items—such as shoes, bags, and dresses—via the Internet.

As tech-savvy individuals who are constantly on their laptops and computers at home or in the workplace, most Filipinos today have now turned to the unrivalled convenience of the Internet when it comes to buying their fashion must-haves and other lifestyle items. More and more people have been turning to online shopping with the proliferation of group-buying sites, online travel bookings, and downloadable software and apps, among others. But while online shoppers today have grown tremendously in number, there are still more Filipinos who do not do so because they do not have a credit card or they are concerned with the security risks of transacting online.
So the question now stands: What does it take to satisfy the legions of Filipino women who shop and want great deals online? The answer: 3.5-inch cards and tons of shopping deals from the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

In celebration of its 160th anniversary this year, BPI is rolling out new digital innovations that will provide customers—both men and women—with an easier way to make more secure card payments while presenting them with endless shopping opportunities: BPI eCredit and My ePrepaid Cards, BPICards.com, and Dealmania.ph.

Blazing a trail in the age of virtual shopping
BPI has always been known for staying a step ahead in terms of innovative banking technologies by pioneering best practices that have become the standard in today’s local banking scene. “The explosion of social media the past 2 years has given way to opportunities for increased interactions and connectedness. We have seen the tremendous growth of eCommerce, yet, there are many more who are wary of shopping online due to concerns on security and payment inconvenience,”” says Ginbee Go, Senior Vice President and BPI Cards Issuing Business Head. With this in mind, BPI is set to launch trend-setting innovations—BPI eCredit and my ePrepaid Cards, BPICards.com, and DealMania.ph—that will surely make online shopping even more fun yet safe, secure and convenient.

Harnessing the best of today’s modern technology, BPI opens up a new world of shopping for digital shoppers! With the BPI eCredit Card, the first-ever virtual credit card exclusively designed for online shopping, BPI MasterCard cardholders enjoy greater peace of mind when shopping online. Because it is a companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard variants— Blue, Gold, Edge, Petron and Skymiles—it uses a different card number with its own sub-limit that cardholders can set and adjust as they need it. But for those without a credit card, fret no more as BPI introduces the My ePrepaid card—a no-hassle, no-approval-required, reloadable prepaid card that empowers its holders to buy whatever they want from the widest selection of MasterCard-affiliated online shopping sites without having to worry about submitting documents or maintaining a balance. “Now, everyone can buy airline tickets, concert passes, gadgets, fashion must-haves, and coupon deals easily and in an instant with the BPI eCredit and My ePrepaid Cards,” shares Aileen Lamasuta, Vice President and BPI Prepaid Cards Business Head.

In addition, BPI is also launching BPICards.com, an interactive website where one can obtain up-to-date information on BPI cards features, promotions, and other items of interest to cardholders. No BPI Card yet? Exclusive to the website, and another first in the industry, will be the Profiler feature, where those looking for the right credit card for them will first be asked about their lifestyle and preferences so BPI can recommend the credit card that suits them best. “BPI understands that choosing a credit card is not as easy as 1-2-3 so we have made it easier for them through BPICards.com’s Profiler,” says Angie Florentino, Assistant Vice President and BPI Credit Cards Channel Management Head.

Aside from this, the site is a revolutionary concept in itself as it also hosts DealMania.ph, a deal-buying site exclusive to BPI cardholders which is featured on the main page of BPICards.com. It gives up-to-date information on ongoing sales and promos from partner restaurants, hotels, wellness establishments, and many others more. At DealMania.ph, BPI cardholders enjoy huge discounts, price offs and more.

BPI continues to provide customers with easier banking experience and maintains a history of innovation aimed at shaping modern lifestyles and empowering more Filipinos to better access products and services here and abroad, in store or online.


For more information about BPI and how it continues to make it easy for Filipinos, please visit www.bpiexpressonline.com. For BPI Cards Digital initiatives, you may contact Mr. Jan Montifalcon at jvlmontifalcon@bpi.com.ph. And, for merchants interested in building their online capabilities with BPI, you may also contact Mr. Jeff Arrienda at jfgarrienda@bpi.com.ph.