Brazilian Student Expelled for Wearing Short Dress

ArrudaGeysi Villa Nova Arruda, 20 was expelled from Universidade Bendeirante (Uniban) in Sao Paolo, Brazil after outraged university students violently protested her wearing of a short dress in campus.

Uniban stated in local newspapers that they have expelled Arruda on the grounds of “flagrant disrespect of ethical principles, academic dignity and morality.”

A video shows Arruda sitting in a classroom wearing mid-thigh length dress then being escorted by the military police officers wearing a white jacket while students stood in line chanting “whore”.

Some critics however don’t agree with the University’s decision labeling it as pure hypocrisy. They think that the decision is unfair for a nation that is obsessed with physical beauty. They also pointed out that once festivals arrive, like the Carnival Festival, people would even dance naked “and no one will find it abnormal.”

Brazil, though known for its tiny bikinis and beautiful beaches, is a largely dominated Roman Catholic country. The 2000 Census shows that 74% of the country’s 190 million people (fifth largest in the world) are Catholics.

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UPDATE: Geisy Arruda – No Longer Expelled?