Britain’s Got Talent: Greg Pritchard sings Nessun Dorma (video)


Greg Pritchard looked like a typical rock star wannabe—but the 24-year-old hotel waiter—baffled the judges of Britain’s Got Talent when he performed a unique version of the opera classic Nessun Dorma.

His voice was something like a cross between Paul Potts and the Bee Gees and I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Even the audience were puzzled. Their first reaction was amusement as Greg hit the first few notes. But when they got used to his voice, they gave him a standing-O.

Piers Morgan said: “That was extraordinary. Of all the things I expected to come out of your mouth that was the last thing on my list. But I have to say you did it brilliantly.”

Greg explained: “I am a male soprano. I’ve always sung in the car and my bedroom and my Mum is always shouting at me to stop.”


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