British diver blacks out in record attempt


British freediver Sarah Campbell blacked out while trying to set a new world record by diving to a depth of 100 meters and back in a single breath.

The 37-year-old yoga instructor reached her target and grabbed the tag but lost consciousness as she made it back to the surface of the Atlantic, off Long Island in the Bahamas on Tuesday.

“I’m fine, feel good and after a few days rest will be ready to give it another go – and hold it together on the surface next time,” the breath-holding expert told the Telegraph.

Campbell will try again on Friday, April 10, because there are still several days of competition left.

Last week she broke the record in Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, holding her breath for three minutes and 36 seconds, diving 96 meters and safely returning to the surface.

Dubbed as ‘Mighty Mouse’ because of her petite five foot frame, Campbell has been studied by doctors to try to understand her amazing physiology. Her lungs are 25 percent bigger than an average person of her size and weight, allowing her to pack more air into her system before she descends.