‘Buffy’ star evades jail time for alleged cop attack

It looks like the allegations against Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon on throwing punches at two cops, fleeing the scene on foot, and being tasered twice is not enough to get him some jail time.

Entertainment news source TMZ, reports that Brendon pled no contest to the four misdemeanor charges which included: one count resisting arrest, two counts of battery against a police officer, and one count of vandalism.

Brendon will, however, suffer 36 months of probation with one year suspended sentence in a county jail. He needs to dutifully abide by the terms of his probation, with the penalty of imprisonment if he violates the terms.

While on probation, he cannot drink in public, he must complete anger management classes, and he must also have 10 days of the Caltrans work program.