Building Technology Answers Global Energy Crisis

appcloudGreen living starts with the simplest of things, such as recycling and wasting less water. Of course, if you weren’t aware of it, then the fact is that each of us uses a lot more water every day than you might initially have thought. Drinking water, showering, washing your clothes, these are just the bits that you knowingly consume. In reality, however, indirectly you might be using tons of water every day. Did you know that for producing your evening beer, 150 liters of water is used for it? Or that to manufacture a pair of jeans takes 6600 liters. Or that nearly 7 liters of water is used to create the plastic bottle for each individual bottled water. It’s been calculated that an average person uses about 3700 liters of water a day, whereas American consumption is twice as high.

These are definitely numbers to think about. And that’s just water. Another number you should be aware of – around 40% of world energy is used by buildings. And even here there are a number of different spots that you might have not even thought about, where energy is simply being wasted, adding to the global energy crises. Each of us should do our best to lower our energy consumption and by doing that we also cut out costs.

David Clark from Johnson Controls says that “Buildings are hidden factories that consume natural resources and produce Panoptix solution.” They have now created something called Panoptix solution. It’s a blend of both software as well as services to help building owners around the globe to improve the performance of their buildings. “This open platform allows developers to do what they do best – create applications. As a result, building owners and facility managers will have access to a growing list of choices to manage their facilities, ” said Laura Farnham, vice president, building technology and service, Johnson Controls.

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