C-17 Cargo Plane Crashes in Alaska

The cargo plane C-17 crashed on a military base in Anchorage, Alaska on Wednesday, during a training demonstration for an upcoming weekend air show.

Carrying four people, the plane was seen sending “a fireball rising hundreds of feet over Elmendorf Air Force Base,” thus prompting military officers to investigate the incident.

Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins revealed to the media on Wednesday night that the C-17 was not an ejection-type aircraft, so it’s likely that no one was able to escape.

“It’s likely there are fatalities involved in this mishap,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anchorage Fire Dept. Captain Bryan Grella said his crew was having a dinner at around 6:30 in the evening when he saw the fire.

“It was a big, gray plume of smoke, and I saw a fireball go up in it,” he said.

The C-17 crash was said to be the third incident in Anchorage just this summer. The first one was in June, killing a child and burning four others. The next incident occurred days later when a small plane landed on the busy Glenn Highway. There were no injuries nor casualties on the second incident.