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California School Dictrict Officials Remove Dictionaries Over ‘Oral Sex’

What happens when an overprotective parent finds out that a child has been stumbling across definitions of sex-related terminologies through a school copy of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary? Why, the parent asks the dictionary and all other copies of it to be removed from the entire school district, of course!

Officials at the Menifee Union School District have been hard at work for the past few days pulling out copies of the popular but “age-inappropriate” dictionary from the shelves of school libraries in the area, after hearing a complaint from a parent about an Oak Meadows Elementary School pupil reading the definition of the term “oral sex” in a classroom through a copy of the wordbook. They are also deliberating on whether to permanently ban dictionaries and reference materials that include “sexually graphic” terms. Officials, following school district policy, will have to “determine the extent to which the challenged material supports curriculum, the educational appropriateness of the material and its suitability to the age level of the students.”

While the officials’ actions are seemingly noble and apparently for the good of the children, many have also expressed their opposition towards such acts of censorship. “Censorship in the schools, really? Pretty soon the only dictionary in the school library will be the Bert and Ernie dictionary,” said a parent of two grade school students.