Cambodian Boy Suckles from Cow

They say breast milk is best for babies. However, would it be the same if the milk comes directly from the udder of a cow?

According to the Associated Press, a 20-month-old Cambodian boy has been getting his daily dose of milk directly from cow udder for the past several months. Um Oeung, the child’s grandfather, told the Associated Press that his grandson, Tha Sophat, has been suckling directly from a cow since July. Um Oeung said the boy began suckling the cow when his parent left their home in Siem Reap province to look for work in Thailand.

The grandfather said he initially stopped his grandson from suckling the cow, but eventually gave when Tha Sophat threw a tantrum when he was pulled away from the udder. Since then, Tha Sophat suckles from the cow once or twice a day. Um Oeung said the cow does not react when Tha Sophat suckles from the udder.