Cardboard police in miniskirts a distraction

Sexy Female Police Officers in Prague

A scheme by the Czech Republic to slow down speeding drivers by putting up life-size cardboard cut-outs of female traffic police has backfired because the miniskirt-clad cops have proved such a distraction.

According to reports, the accidents have doubled because drivers were too busy looking at the “sexy police officers” — which were placed alongside roads in Prague. The purpose of the cut-outs is to slow down drivers when they see such cops (and possibly to get a better look at why a woman in that outfit is standing on the side of the road in freezing weather). Unfortunately, with high heels, stockings and lipstick, the women have become crash-magnets.

The interior ministry of Czech Republic is now said to be rethinking the scheme after receiving numerous complaints.

[Image via Olivier van Oord’s Flickr page]