Cats rules at the Web-meme awards

cats-urliesThe Golden Globe nominations is out but there’s another awards announcement making the rounds on the net, The “Urlies”. Urlesque blog is an AOL-owned meme-culture blog behind the “Urlies” and has announced the winners of its first ever annual awards.

Categories of the said awards include “Make It Stop” (winner: Rickrolling), “Breakout of the Year” (winner: the “Puppycam” craze), and the “WTF of the Year” (winner: the photo of the “Montauk Monster“) [via CNET].

They even created an Oscars-inspired tribute to the funny cats  videos (They won the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award!). Watch the video below:

But! WTF is a Montauk Monster?

According to wikipedia:

The “Montauk Monster” is an unidentified creature which allegedly washed ashore dead on a beach near the Montauk, New York business district in July 2008. The identity of the creature, and the veracity of stories surrounding it, has been the subject of unresolved controversy and speculation. Its discovery has been covered by national news channels such as CNN, and has generated popular discussion on the Internet.

See the picture of the Montauk Monster (aka Rhode Island Monster) below: