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Chatroulette Freestyling Piano Chat Improv Guy (video)

chatroulette piano improvHere’s probably the one person in Chatroulette.com you would want to see, except if you’re into those dangling pen!$es. Merton, aka Mr. PianoChatImprov, plays his piano and sings freestyle in real-time with random strangers he encounters on the site. You should watch his first video below.

Chatroulette is an internet website for one-on-one text, webcam, and microphone-based chat with strangers around the world with users that are mostly males. The people you will see on the site are totally random. If you don’t like what you see, just click “Next” and it will instantly call up someone else.

Video: The original video got axed by YouTube due to “terms of use violation”so here’s a new edited version from Merton.

According to Merton:

The original video had 4,238,658 Views. At the time of its demise, it was the Top-Rated YouTube Video of All Time. No shit.