Cheap drug to stop bleeding discovered

A new medical discovery is going to save thousands of patients who suffer from bleeding due to injuries or accidents.

Online medical journal Lancet has published that the drug Tranexamic acid or TXA helped accident patients lower the risk by 15% of dying from hemorrhage, compared to those who did not take the drug. The drug also helped lower the chance for the patient to die from other causes including organ failure and head injury.

As cited by the news agency AP, the drug TXA isĀ  cheap drug which costs about 3 pounds per gram and is generically manufactured by many companies. TXA is administered via injection.

As cited by WebMD, injuries are the leading cause of death worldwide. Of the total 5.8 million who die every year due to injuries, 2 million die due to road traffic and 1.6 million die from warfare, suicide, and violence.

The study hosted about 20,000 patients from 274 hospitals in 40 countries.