Chelsea Clinton Wedding Update: Nearby Airspace to be Closed

In line with the much talked about Chelsea Clinton wedding, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the States said on Wednesday that there will be a temporary ban on flights below 2,000 feet for the area surrounding where the young Clinton will be married.

This will prevent swarms of paparazzi-filled aircraft and news helicopters from being a nuisance during the wedding on Saturday, near the Hudson River.

According to FAA, they usually implement ban on air travels especially if having too much air traffic would cause safety risks. Since the hype surrounding the Clinton wedding is expected to cause much air movement, there will be a ban from 3 p.m. on Saturday until 3:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The Clinton wedding is more than just a celebrity affair, thus the ban is more than just concerns regarding the paparazzi and the media.

According to reports by the New York Times, FAA also bans flights at the request of the Secret Service when the safety of a government official is at risk. “In this case, with the mother of the bride being the secretary of state and the father a former president, that was the concern.” An FAA spokesperson revealed that it was the Secret Service’s request to have this flight restriction.