Chile Hit with Strong Aftershocks

Strong aftershocks hit earthquake devastated Chile Wednesday, March 3, sending panic-stricken residents near the coasts to run to higher grounds.Michele-Bachelet

Three aftershocks with measurements ranging from 5.9 to 6.3 were felt and local tsunami alerts were issued for the towns that were the most hard-hit in last Saturday’s major earthquake which measured at 8.8. No tsunamis formed after however.

Outgoing Chile President Michelle Bachelet (pictured), meanwhile, has issued troops to combat people taking advantage of the confusion among citizens. There had been reports of looting and lawlessness after the quake that left 800 people dead. In Concepcion alone, the town nearest the epicenter, an 18-hour curfew has been implemented.

The earthquake now belongs to the top 10 strongest earthquakes measured.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, met with Bachelet Tuesday, March 2, to discuss help and aid needs.

Bachelet is stepping down from office on Wednesday next week, March 10. She is to be succeeded by Sebastian Pinera.