Chinese Lawmaker Wants Too Much Drinking and Dining as Crime

Chinese legislator Zhao Linzhong proposed to criminalize “squandering of pubic funds” after getting fed up with expensive banquets and official wining and dining.03141211.xhs

The delegate to the National People’s Congress stated that “Public spending on eating and drinking is a waste of social assets. We need to criminalise this by law, so I proposed amending the criminal law and introducing the ‘crime of wantonly squandering public funds’.” He already handed the formal proposal to the parliament so that debates can already be started.

China spends up to 200 billion Yuan (29 billion dollars) each year for official dining and wine drinking. That’s more expensive than the cost of Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric project.

The Chinese practices throwing lavish banquets as part of their tradition.

The Communist Party has tried several times in the past to put restrictions to regulate official banquets with each time becoming more detailed and stricter. They failed to curb or tone down the tradition.