Christopher Nolan Sticking to 2-D for “The Dark Knight Rises”

BatmanChristopher Nolan is not joining the 3-D bandwagon for the third film in his “Batman” reboot, instead, the acclaimed director and writer will stick to his high-definition and IMAX cameras.

Nolan made his production plan public last week when he revealed the title of his newest “Batman” flick. Nolan said he would utilize the same process he used two years ago when he made the critically acclaimed “The Dark Knight” and this year’s Oscar-worthy “Inception” once the cameras start rolling for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Nolan’s decision is not surprising judging from his previous reliance on high-definition cameras, but still comes out as trend bending considering that some of the highest-grossing films this year and last year were delivered in 3-D. Most notable among the slew of 3-D releases are last year’s “Avatar” and this year’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Toy Story 3.”

“The Dark Knight Rises,” which is due for a 2012 release, would be the last of Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy that began with “Batman Begins” in 2005.