Cigarette Explodes In Man’s Mouth

Let this be a warning to smokers. An Indonesian man is now in need of a good set of dentures after a cigarette he was smoking exploded in his mouth, leaving with him with a busted lip and six less teeth to brush.

Andi Susanto was smoking his regular dose of Clas Mild cigarette while driving a motorcycle when what he described as a traumatic experience occurred. Susanto said he did not notice anything strange about the cigarette when he lit it. He added that it was the first time that he experienced anything like it ever since he started smoking as a schoolboy.

The company that manufactures the cigarette said that it would pay for Susanto’s medical expenses as part of an amicable settlement it reached with the victim. Company officials also denied that their product contains any ingredient that may have triggered the explosion.

Some cigarettes contain methanol, a chemical that is used in rocket fuel. However, its amount in cigarettes is usually too small to cause an explosion.