Climber Survives 1,000 Feet Fall

A 36-year-old Scottish climber may have just given filmmaker Danny Boyle an idea for his next film following the success of “127 Hours,” which tells the real-life survival story of American climber Aron Ralston, who was forced to amputate his own arm after being trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah.

Adam Potter was climbing Sgurr Choinnich Mor, one of the highest peaks of the Grampian Mountains in the Scottish Highlands, when he lost his footing and tumbled down approximately 1,000 feet below, hitting several slopes and cliffs as he went on a free fall. Potter was headed towards another cliff when he finally landed on a boulder that eventually stopped him from free-falling, the climber from Glasgow told BBC in an interview. He reportedly lost consciousness but when he came back to his senses, Potter said he immediately got up and took out his map, forgetting that he just fell 1,000 feet. “I got knocked out and when I came to, I’d lost a bit of my memory so I wasn’t sure where I had got to on that day so I was trying to work out where I was and how I’d got there.”

Potter was later spotted by a Royal Navy helicopter and brought to the Southern General Hospital, where a CT scan and several X-rays revealed nothing more than several superficial injuries and minor fractures to his back.