Colombia Plane Crash Miracle; 130 Survivors, 1 Dead

A Colombian airliner crashed and broke into several pieces upon landing at a runway on San Andres Island on Monday, but an enormous tragedy was avoided when all but one of the 131 people on board miraculously survived the accident.

Gov. Pedro Gallardo of the Colombian resort-island in the Caribbean confirmed that one person, Amar Fernandez de Barreto, died in the crash, whose impact was so strong that the Boeing 737 jetliner was broken into three pieces. “It was a miracle” that only one person died, Gallardo said. Only four of the 130 survivors suffered major injuries, Dr. Robert Sanchez of the Amor de Patria Hospital, where 99 of the passengers were brought, said.

AIRES airline, which owned the ill-fated plane, said the flight took off from the Colombian capital of Bogota around midnight. Among the passengers were eight U.S. citizens and four Brazilians, the airline said.

It is not yet clear what caused the crash, but investigators are looking at the angle that the plane may have been hit by lightning before the incident occurred a few minutes before 2am Monday.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.