Court Allows Importation of Electronic Cigarettes

A United States judge has allowed the importation of electronic cigarettes into the country and has blasted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for trying to regulate it.njoy-electronic-cigarette

The electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery powered, rechargeable device that vaporize a liquid nicotine solution and works by emitting a puff or fine mist of nicotine into the lungs. It is used as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Washington Federal District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled that FDA cannot control the devices which are still classified as unapproved drug-delivery devices. It was also argued that it has no unknown risks to the public and its importation should be allowed while trial is still ongoing.

The FDA argued that two brands, Njoy and Smoking Everywhere, contained carcinogens and toxic chemicals – a finding that the e-cigarette companies contradict.

The agency is still reviewing the decision and will later inform if they will make an appeal regarding the ruling.