Dateline NBC to air Marcus Schrenker story: “Flying High in Cocktail Cove”

marcus_schrenkerNetwork television news magazine “Dateline NBC” is scheduled to air “Flying High in Cocktail Cove” Friday at 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT

The report will review the story of Indianapolis financier Marcus Schrenker’s attempt in January to fake his own death to escape mounting personal and legal problems. Schrenker, a pilot, bailed out of his plane after reporting engine problems. The plane crashed in Santa Rosa County.

Report says that Marcus Schenker has sent a four-page letter to state officials in Indiana, that he didn’t try to fake his death in a plane crash. You can read his letter here: Marcus Schenker’s Letter
Here’s the promotion for the show [via inside dateline msnbc]

“During this time of economic crisis, we’ve heard numerous stories of business moguls like Bernie Madoff, accused of defrauding investors of billions of dollars. But for sheer drama, no case is more eyebrow-raising than that of Marcus Shrenker. He and his beautiful wife seemed to have it all, living in a mansion in the ritzy neighborhood called Cocktail Cove, until back in January, when Shrenker, a pilot, radioed air traffic controllers that his small plane was going down. At that moment, investigators say, he strapped on a parachute and put in motion a daring plan to fake his own death, and hide his double-life.”