David Beckham To Sue Magazine over Cheating Allegations

David Beckham has vehemently denied ever cheating on wife Victoria and has vowed to hale into court a US celebrity magazine that published an article about the football star’s alleged tryst with a prostitute three years ago.

An agency that manages Beckham said in a statement that it is taking legal action against “In Touch” magazine for publishing lies about the 35-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy star. In a statement, the agency said that “In Touch” magazine’s allegations that Beckham slept five times with a prostitute named Irma Nici back in 2007 are “completely untrue and totally ridiculous as the magazine was clearly told before publication.”

“Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it. We are taking legal action against the magazine,” the management company said. Reports said Beckham wants a front-page retraction from the gossip magazine. Beckham, who is represented in the US by Bert Deixler and in the UK by Harbottle & Lewis, is reportedly also planning to sue Nici, the 26-year-old prostitute who describes herself as the “world’s most sought-after call girl.”