David Letterman Extortionist Sentenced with Jail Term

david lettermanThe former CBS producer who tried to extort money from late night show host David Letterman in exchange for his silence regarding the host’s extra-marital affairs was sentenced to serve six months in jail.

Robert “Joe” Halderman, 52, who will also be placed under probation and serve 1000 hours of community service as part of a plea agreement last March, has admitted that he tried to extort 2 million USD (1.3 million pounds) from Letterman. He was charged for grand larceny.

Halderman, producer of 48 Hours, learned about Letterman’s affairs through a diary of a former girlfriend who worked for the Emmy Award winning host.

The host, instead of giving in to the extortion, publicly admitted that he had affairs with female members of his staff. His confirmation came after only six months since getting married to long time girlfriend Regina Lasko. They have a son named Harry Joseph who was born in 2003.

Ratings of his show remained strong even after admitting the affairs.