D+caf: The caffeine detector

I love coffee. It makes me do stupid things faster with more energy!

But for those who are cautious about their caffeine intake, comes a new product that can test if you’re drinking real coffee instead of decaf.

d+caf caffeine detector

D+caf test strips are simply little strips of paper coated with antibodies. You take the test strip and you dunk it in the coffee and it takes a minute to let you know if it’s decaf or not. The antibodies in the strip produce colored lines if the sample contains caffeine.

The strips are 98 percent accurate for detecting caffeine, plus you have to use them before you add anything else to your beverage, like milk or sugar.

d+caf caffeine detector

Some notes from the product page:

• D+caf™ Test Strips enable you to test the caffeine concentration of coffee and tea.

• 20 single-use test strips

• 98% accurate for detecting “NON-DECAFFEINATED” beverages – above 20 mg caffeine per 6 oz. serving

• D+caf™ is a lateral flow immunoassay, similar to the technology used in home pregnancy tests

• D+caf™ Test Strips can be used on hot or cold beverages

• Produces a result in as little as 30 seconds

• Test beverage before adding milk, cream, powdered creamers, syrups or other additives

(Via Gizmodo)