Disabled presenter is scaring children, parents tell BBC


A disabled television presenter has been the victim of a disturbing campaign after dozens of parents complained that she was scaring their children, the Daily Mail reported.

Cerrie Burnell, who was born with one arm, hosts the popular “Do and Discover” and the “Bedtime Hour” on the CBeebies.

But the decision to hire her has prompted a lot of complaints to the BBC. The protests have become so nasty that some comments on the network’s message boards have had to be removed.

One father said he would ban his daughter from watching the channel because he thought it would “give her nightmares”.

Others claimed that they were forced to discuss difficult issues with their young children before they were ready.

One blogger wrote: ‘Is it just me, or does anyone else think the new woman presenter on CBeebies may scare the kids because of her disability?

Some even accused the BBC of hiring the 29-year-old host, because of ‘political correctness‘ and solely to meet employment quotas.

Burnell, who has a four-year-old daughter, said she was upset at the “small-minded” and “terrible” comments.

Disability groups have fiercely defended her and the BBC.