Disney Closes ImageMovers Digital

Walt Disney is closing ImageMovers Digital (IMD) facility cutting around 450 workers. The studio is being run by director Robert Zemeckis.Chistmas-Carol

IMD created the films Beowulf (2007), Polar Express (2004), Cast Away (2000) and last year’s A Christmas Carol. The latest film raked in $324 million worldwide but costed $175 million to make. Beowulf and Polar Express helped usher in 3D movies.

The studio will release its last film, Mars Need Moms, January next year. It is based on a book by Berkeley Breathed and directed by Simon Wells.

They are still developing a 3D remake of the 1968 Beatles film Yellow Submarine. This unfinished movie will be part of new long-term deal of Disney with Zemeckis and his two other partners Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey.

IMD signed a deal with Disney in the beginning of 2007 after leaving Sony. The studio, however, suffered meager output and weak results prompting newly appointed Walt Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross to shut it down.

The shutdown will cut 450 employees, 5% of the total 8,000 work force of Disney.