Donaire Retains Bantam Belts

Nonito Donaire came to Madison Square Garden to fight on Saturday. Too bad his opponent, Argentina’s Omar Narvaez, was contented just being in the ring.

“The Filipino Flash” retained his WBC and WBO bantamweight belts with an easy victory, but failed to impress boxing observers and fans alike as Narvaez spent the whole 12 rounds covering his face, so much so that the Argentine never threw more than 32 punches in any round. According to CompuBox, Narvaez landed a measly 74 punches out of only 299 attempts. Donaire, on the other hand, struggled to crack his opponent’s stonewall defense and landed 99 shots out of 666 thrown.

“The crowd didn’t deserve this,” Donaire said after the fight where the crowd shouted vitriol towards the end. “I’m sorry it didn’t come out the way we wanted. (Narvaez) didn’t come to fight.” All three ringside judges did not give a round to Narvaez in a 120-108 unanimous decision.

The only significant action came in the fourth round when Donaire shook Narvaez with body shots and a right hand that made the Argentine challenger’s knees wobble a bit. After that episode, Narvaez hid in his shell-like defense and the title for most boring fight of the year was sealed.