Dutch Senators Go Paperless, Tap iPad

Lawmakers in the Netherlands have added another tribute the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs—they are doing away with bulky paper documents in favor of the iPad.

Members of the Dutch Senate have begun a new program aimed at completely eliminating the use of paper in their work. Under the hi-tech program, lawmakers in the Upper House of Parliament will work using iPads, which are all installed with a specially made Senate app. The program is aimed at limiting, if not completely eliminating, the need to print thousands of pages of documents.

“We have had enormous piles of paper couriered to our houses every week, thick envelopes with planning and committee meeting documents, but now from 6 pm every Friday you just open the Senate app and find all the documents for the next week,” Senate Secretary General Geert Jan Hamilton told Reuters last week.

The Dutch Senate’s new program had been in the works for about a year but was officially launched only last week, several days before the iPad’s father, Steve Jobs, passed away due to a lingering illness.