Electronic Arts Stops Feature Allowing Players the Role as a Taliban

Medal_of_Honor_2010A videogame manufacturer raised the white flag and bowed down to criticisms by removing a feature in one of its latest games to let the player assume the role of a Taliban killing American soldiers.

Electronic Arts faced criticisms from US military officials and family and relatives of real-life American soldiers for the said feature in Medal of Honor (2010 reboot edition). The game was banned for sale in stores found in military bases.

The updated version will now allow players to fight as the “Opposing Force” against American soldiers.

“It came down to our core value of honoring the soldier,” said the executive producer of the game Greg Goodrich. “We’re making this change out of our deepest respect for the men and women serving in the military. The core tenet of the game has always been to honor the soldier.”

The game is not the first one to go under fire due to modern warfare themes. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II also featured an opposing team that resembles the Taliban though it did not carry the same name.