Elijah Wood Returns as Frodo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’

frodo_baggins_elijah_woodFirst, Cate Blanchett was reported to return as the elven leader Galadriel. Now, Elijah Wood has been confirmed to return as Frodo Baggins for the two-film part of The Hobbit.

The story of The Hobbit is set sixty years prior to the story of The Lord of the Rings and it tells the details of how Bilbo Baggins came into possession of the “One Ring”.

So, series fans and avid book readers and bookworms who have read the prequel to a literary masterpiece will probably be thinking how could Frodo be involved in the film project? Many were already wondering how Galadriel would fit in (since that character is also not included in the book) and now here comes Frodo.

Well for those who could content for a little spoiler, reports indicate that Frodo would be reading the story of The Hobbit, which was supposed to be a memoir of Bilbo. So Wood (as Frodo) would probably be seen only in some parts of the film, probably at the beginning of each of the two films reading a book.