Elusive One More Vote Needed for US Health Care Reform Bill

One vote. It takes only one more vote to enable the passing of the US Health Care Reform Bill. Yet it seems hard to find.Ben-Nelson-photo

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson has refused to give the one more needed vote to enable the passing of the bill which is targeted to be enacted before Christmas.

Nelson, the most conservative Democrat in the senate has said that he will only reconsider if there will be a revision regarding the tightening of insurance coverage for abortion. He believes that the compromises given to him regarding abortion is not enough. He also believes that the senate could not meet the Christmas deadline.

“I can’t tell you that they couldn’t come up with something that would be satisfactory on abortion between now and then and solve all the other issues that I have raised to them,” he said. “But I don’t see how.”

The health care reform bill is President Barack Obama’s top domestic project. The Republicans are united in blocking the passing of the bill before Christmas and therefore will not contribute to the 60 required votes.