Erykah Badu Gets Fine and Probation for Naked Walk

Erykah_Badu_FEPErykah Badu was ordered to pay a $500 fine and to serve six months in probation for walking naked in a famous spot for a music video.

Badu, 39, was handed down the sentence Tuesday, August 17, under a plea agreement.

It was for a shoot for the music video of her single Window Seat last March 17, 2010. In the shoot she stripped naked then walked in Dealey Plaza. She collapses at the end of the video after hearing a gunshot fired. The video shot took only one take to make.

The singer has confirmed via her Twitter account that “there were children there” when they did the shoot. She said she prayed that the children will not be traumatized with what they saw.

Dealey Plaza, which is in Dallas, Texas, was where former US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The citation to Badu, however, was only issued by the police after the video has been released several days later, on March 28.