Erykah Badu Will Be Charged with $500 for Video Nudity

Singer Erykah Badu will be charged with disorderly conduct citation by the Dallas Police Department.WindowSeat

The multiple Grammy Award winner stripped down until she was nude while shooting a music video for the song Window Seat in Dealey Plaza of Dallas, Texas. The video was shot in one take.

She did not have any permission to strip down in public where children were just a stone’s throw away. She also did not have any permission to shoot the video in the park.

Dealey Plaza is the assassination spot of former United States President John F. Kennedy in 1963, thus it is a famous tourist spot.

Badu, who is a Dallas native, will be receiving her citation by mail and she would be facing a fine of $500.

The police department did not have any objections at the beginning but when the video went viral, complaints were lodged at the department. This prompted a reversal of the initial decision.