Facebook EMail Coming?

Facebook Mark ZuckerbergIs Facebook aiming for the email market this time? According to a report by Techcrunch.com, Facebook is set to launch a full email service that could compete with Gmail, among other more established names.

Techcrunch reports that an invitation-only event on Monday has been set up by Facebook to officially launch “Project Titan,” the name of the web based email service that Mark Zuckerberg and company have been planning for a time now. The unveiling of “Project Titan,” according to reports, could take place at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, as hinted by the invitation sent to selected people.

The news about the Facebook email service comes after Google excluded Facebook from its policy of allowing users to export their Gmail contacts. Google’s move was a response to Facebook’s export restriction, which prevents users from exporting contacts and data out of the social networking site.

And as speculations about a Facebook email service become stronger, rumors are also circulating that Google is developing its own social network, making a head-on collision between the two Internet players inevitable.