Facebook Turns 6, Gets Facelift

Facebook celebrated its sixth year by overhauling its looks, a change that founder Mark Zuckerberg hopes would make life easier for the social networking site’s close to 400 million members.

The changes to the Facebook homepage gradually took effect today, with the most notable modifications having to do with how users find new messages, notifications, and requests. Another conspicuous change is the addition of a Games Dashboard, which is obviously aimed at increasing the prominence of game apps. Viewing who among your friends are online has also been made easier, as a list now appears on the left side of the homepage. This list was previously hidden on the lower right corner of the page.

Zuckerberg said as long as people continue to use Facebook to share information “whether in times of tragedy or joy,” he and his team will find ways to make the site better. However, good intentions notwithstanding, the changes have again incited harsh reactions from users, with some people calling the modifications unnecessary.