Failed Airline Bombing Prompts Tighter Airport Security Measures

As expected, travelers going in to the United States from international flights, as well as from domestic flights are facing tighter and stricter security measures after an incident of a Nigerian man tried to bomb a Northwest flight last Friday, December 26.airport-security-check

The new measures came after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried to fire up an incendiary device aboard Northwest Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. It was heightened after another Nigerian tried to lock himself up in a bathroom aboard the very same flight Sunday, December 27. No weapons or explosives were found on the second man however.

Additional guidelines while on flight include requiring passengers to remain seated during the last hour of the flight and that there will be no access to carry-on items nor have anything placed in their laps.

Before boarding, additional pat-downs were conducted for domestic flights.  Wallets were also checked to ensure that only cash and credit cards were inside.

For international flights, the federal authorities have asked airports and airlines around the world, to increase security measures. Some airports have already put additional scanners while some are now thoroughly inspecting carry-on bags.

Due to the additional security checks, airlines and governments worldwide are advising passengers to arrive early and to expect delays, missed connections and cancelled flights.