Fake Webpage Spreads Jonas Brothers’ Death

death_hoax_jonas brothers

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the news of the Jonas Brother’s death prove to be false.

It is not the first time for brothers Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas to be victims of celebrity death hoaxes but the most recent one was so painstakingly done that even a fake Fox News page was created to lend credibility to the story.

According to the fake site, the brothers were aboard a Cessna plane flying somewhere in Wellington, New Zealand last November 20 when it crashed into one of the hills in the area, killing the teen celebrities and the other twelve passengers with them. The article said that efforts were made by the authorities to search for survivors but they came up negative.

The webpage was obviously done well enough for a lot of people to have assumed that the so-called news was true. Though only bits of details were offered, it was enough for fans to go into a frenzy and know if these popstars have indeed met their ultimate demise.