Familial DNA Pinpoints Serial Killer

dnaIt’s the latest version for the concept of “sins of the father”.

A man that is supposed to be theĀ Grim Sleeper was arrested after he was pinpointed by a technique called familial DNA.

Lonnie Franklin Jr., 57, was arrested in Los Angeles for a string of 10 murders that took place between 1985 up to 2007. The nickname Grim Sleeper was given due to the big gap in-between the killings. He stopped between 1988 and 2002. Victims were sexually assaulted then shot.

He was arrested after detectives had a breakthrough using a DNA that was taken from Franklin’s son who is in prison. The son’s DNA closely matches the DNA that were found in crime scenes. After that, the prisoner’s family tree was searched and the father was made a suspect. Mr. Franklin’s DNA meanwhile was then taken from a restaurant for comparison.

The familial DNA is controversial. It is only allowed to be used in two states, California and Colorado while it is banned in Maryland.