Fancy Dress Party… What Can I Go As?

fancy-dressHave you ever had that dreaded invite to a fancy dress party but your ready-at-hand excuse kicks in like lightning? The sheer panic and pressure to think of something awesome to wear that won’t get you laughed at (in the wrong way) can just be too much, so the easy thing is just not to go, right? Wrong.

It would be a real shame to miss all the fun. It really isn’t that scary, it just involves a modicum of preparation. It needn’t cost the earth either. You are bound to find a costume to suit every situation – from a retro 80s birthday party to a hideous Halloween costume, Ebay. And once you start you’ll be perusing for hours! But if buying or hiring a costume just won’t cut it, making your own just might. Here are some top tips on making sure you stand out from the crowd… in a good way.

Don’t worry if your mind goes blank, even a cursory glance at a few websites will spark a barrage of ideas. Cosmopolitan, for example, has some great ideas for a cracking halloween party. For other events throughout the year, research your favourite film characters, making sure you pick something or someone that is instantly recognisable – like a yellow all-in-one for Kill Bill, for example. A cheesy duo like Batman and Robin means you can hide behind a mask and people will have to guess who you are (at least until after your first drink and the mask comes off).

Alternatively, just search for ‘fancy dress’ on the internet… Pop stars are always a mine of inspiration, especially if they have a penchant for crazy wigs or unusual hairstyles. Jessie J, for instance, would be a fairly easy one – either a bald cap or bob wig with some sort of daring outfit/jumpsuit with outrageous high heeled shoes and maybe a $ sign around your neck?

Don’t buy the first thing you see. Although this is the easy option, spend some time in advance planning something that hopefully not everyone else will have chosen. Four Clark Kents have less impact that one Wolverine, for example.

You don’t want to spend all night pulling a leotard out of your bottom, falling off 20-inch platforms, or bumping into everyone as your Dolly Parton wig keeps falling over your eyes… this will do your look no good! Make sure everything fits well, is comfortable and not so hot and sweaty that it needs removing half-way through the evening.

Going as a couple
If you decided to go to the party as a duo make sure you both look as awesome as each other. The impact will be so much greater and you don’t want to be the one who lets the partnership down. Make sure the two outfits work together too. You never know, the pair of you may end up enjoying the whole Bond dressing up theme more than you thought…

Props and make up
Don’t let your costume down with bad make up. It doesn’t cost much and along with a selection of amazing props it can change a costume from mediocre to show-stopping. Again, a bit of online shopping can deliver the goods here.

Making your own
Some of the best and original costume are home made. You know nobody else will look the same as you ( a risky business these days). Search through your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes; you knew that long white granny nightie your Mum brought you would come in useful one day.

If you own a sewing machine then this is the time to get it out – simple alterations to clothing can be very effective. Take inspiration from the celebs in Vogue – there are some classy costumes on there that you could try to replicate, turning yourself into an instant star.

Finally, don’t forget to get into character, be confident and enjoy it! Once you’ve made the daring jump and actually braved the Tube/taxi/walk down the High Street in a crazy outfit there will be no stopping you, and you’ll be planning your own party even before your wig starts to slide.