Fast-paced lifestyle meets high-speed connectivity with Tattoo home broadband bundles

globeBeing a stay-at-home-mom – and a working one at that – is one tough act to follow. Take the case of Maricel, 35, mother of two, and the wife of a Luzon-based Sales Manager. She keeps in constant touch with her husband through their home’s landline which they had for some time already. While frequent phone calls have helped her family members stay in touch, she has realized it will take more than that to keep their family ties tighter as their daughter grows and a young son also comes of age.

While the kids are at school in the mornings, she attends to her accounting consultancy work at home which entails constant incoming and outgoing landline calls from a small but growing pool of clients. To submit electronic documents, she keeps a prepaid broadband dongle for e-mails and internet activity for her children. Once in a while, she attempts to use the prepaid broadband dongle for a video call to show her husband their kids’ latest achievements. Unfortunately, given the length of time they spend during the video call to catch up and spend time together with the kids, Maricel had been shelling out more for prepaid load. Further, her landline phone calls to her husband’s mobile phone had begun to cost a lot as well as they spoke longer to discuss the kids’ increasing concerns.

From landline to online

One weekend while passing by the Globe store at a mall, Maricel was handed a flyer from Tattoo Home Broadband. “Enroll for a home broadband and landline bundle? But I already have a landline and I already use a prepaid dongle for the internet,” Maricel replied. A Tattoo Home Broadband subscription would add another landline in our residence, and that will be an extra expense, she thought.

The Globe Sales Agent eventually convinced Maricel to avail of a Tattoo Home Broadband bundle. She found out that monthly plans start at P 1,099 for a basic 1 Mbps connection, P1,299 for 2 Mbps, P1,599 for 3 Mbps and P2,299 for 5 Mbps. All packages come with unlimited calls to Globe and TM as well as uninterrupted broadband access for all members of her family to enjoy.

Fixture for Filipino households

A few days after her application, Maricel and her kids are currently enjoying the internet even better through faster connection speeds at home. Her daughter gets to do her homework and online research with ease, while her son never has a dull moment with his online games. She gets work done faster, whether downloading files from the office or sending documents to her clients. Moreover, they get to stay in constant touch with her husband whenever he is on the road through free unlimited calling from their home landline to his Globe mobile number. And Maricel maximizes her time at home as she is able to make calls to existing and potential clients, upping her work efficiencies like never before.

Head of Tattoo Home Broadband Jurist Gamban said that the brand’s new market offers continue to address the Filipino family’s critical need for connectivity, be it on the internet or through basic landline: “As a working mom myself, I understand the need for parents to check in on their young children and their homes. Our products allow children to reach their parents on their mobile phone when they are at work, without worrying about the cost of these calls. At the same time, I am aware of how the whole family needs an internet connection to stay connected, informed, and entertained through the internet. This is why we decided to enhance our Tattoo Home Broadband Bundles — they all come with faster speeds, a free landline, and free unlicalls to Globe and TM. There are savings all-around. Prepaid internet usage can be expensive if used a lot, but sharing a fast and reliable home broadband connection is good value for money. Instead of spending for mobile calls, just use your landline to call Globe and TM numbers and talk for as long as you want. It’s the biggest deal in home broadband today. ”

Meanwhile, Maricel’s kids now sit with her in front of her laptop to do a seamless video call with their dad. Her daughter shows a merit certificate because she finds online research so much easier and her son, proudly brandishing his new level in an online game from a tablet. She and her husband can also chat more often on his mobile through their home landline which has free unlimited calls to Globe and TM. The accounting consultant also gets to spend more quality time with her children, knowing that her large mail attachments to her clients will be sent in a jiffy without having to check them once in a while (in fact, her next e-mail will be for her biggest transaction yet!) – thanks to her Tattoo Home Broadband subscription which, like Maricel, is one tough act to follow.

For more information on Tattoo’s Home Broadband bundles, head on to, call (02) 730-1010, visit the nearest Globe store or get in touch with authorized Globe Sales Agents.