FDA Reprimands Nestle Twice for Product Advertisements


Swiss manufacturer Nestle has been reprimanded twice early this month by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for misleading nutritional claims and labeling. This information was released Tuesday, December 22.

The first letter of reprimand was dated December 3 for the Boost drink which was labeled as a medical drink. The drink, which comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, was mislabeled as a medical food for the medical condition of ‘failure to thrive’ and also for pre/post surgery, injury or trauma, chronic illnesses. Under federal regulations, medical foods must be for the dietary management of a specific disorder, disease, or condition for which there are distinctive nutritional requirements and must be intended to be used under medical supervision. “Failure to thrive” does not count.

The second letter of reprimand was dated December 4 for the Juicy Juice line. The drinks were claimed to be helpful in brain development for children two years and below. It was also labeled as 100% fruit juice with no sugar added. Aside from the fact that they were not 100% real juice, such claims are not allowed for foods intended for children aged two years and below.

The Swiss food giant said they would cooperate with FDA to immediately clear the matter.