Fired employee shoots ex-coworkers in Orlando


Jason Rodriguez, 40, opened fire last Friday in his former office, killing one person and injuring 5 others. The shooting happened at the office of Reynolds Smith & Hill in the 8th floor of Gateway Center in Orlando, where he worked as an engineer for 11 months before the company fired him 2 years ago. According to the company spokesperson Mike Bernos, Rodriguez was terminated last June 2007 due to his poor performance.

Orlando Police officers found him in his mother’s home 3 hours after the incident where he peacefully surrendered and said that he did the shooting because the company “left him to rot”.

According to Rodriguez, the termination made him look incompetent. He was left unemployed for one and a half year before working for a Subway sandwich shop. When the store couldn’t give him enough working hours, he later filed for¬†bankruptcy¬†and just recently told a judge that he was making less than $30,000 a year and owed nearly $90,000 in debt.

He also claims he is so broke that he doesn’t even have the money to visit his 8-year-old son who lives with his ex-wife in a nearby city just 30-minutes away.

During his arrest, Rodriguez apologized for the shooting: “I’m just going through a tough time right now. I’m sorry,” officers quoted him as saying.