First Superman Comic Fetches $ 1 Million

A 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 where Superman is featured has sold for a whopping $ 1 million at an online auction site, according to the BBC. The comic, which shows Superman lifting a car on the cover, is one of around 100 remaining copies of the first comic to feature the popular superhero. The $ 1-million tag price dwarfs the previous record of $ 317,200 for another copy of Action Comics No. 1.

Stephen Fishler of online auction site Comic Connect did not name the buyer or the seller. However, he said the seller is a well-known collector from New York while the buyer had previously bought another Action Comics No. 1 copy. Fishler, who describes the first-edition superman comic as the “Holy Grail of comic books,” said the sale was completed just several minutes after the item was put on the auction block.

The comic book has a rating of 8.0, which means that it still in very good condition despite being more than seven-decades old.