First Swine Flu death in US: A 23 month old toddler from Texas

swine flu death in texas

A 23-month-old toddler from Texas became the first confirmed swine flu death case outside of Mexico. According to officials, the death was in Houston.

“Even though we’ve been expecting this, it is very, very sad,” Dr. Richard Besser, acting chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said of the infant’s death. “As a pediatrician and a parent, my heart goes out to the family.”

President Barack Obama said Wednesday morning that Americans should know the government is doing all it can to control the virus. Obama also says schools should strongly consider closing if the spread of the swine flu virus worsens.

Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Britain and Germany also have reported swine flu sickness. Deaths reported so far have beenĀ  limited to Mexico and now the United States.