Fox Cancels Two Comedy Shows

Two live-action comedy shows in Fox Channel are getting axed. These are Sons of Tucson and Til Death.Sons of Tucson

Only after four episodes, Sons of Tucson (cast pictured) has been cancelled with all of its remaining eight episodes scheduled to be shown in summer starting June 6. Replacing it for the meantime is American Dad. Leading the stars in Sons of Tucson is Tyler Labine, who previously starred in Invasion and Reaper.

Til Death meanwhile will finally say goodbye this summer after four seasons. It stars Brad Garrett who is more popularly known from his role as Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. Til Death has been moved around schedules to fill up vacant slots but did not draw ratings. Its final episode will air June 20. Its cancellation has been the topic of rumors for several weeks now.

Over at NBC, three shows were renewed. They are The Marriage Ref, Minute to Win It and Who Do You Think You Are?