Funnyman Letterman Accuses CBS Producer of Extortion

david letterman image

David Letterman, the funnyman on CBS, has confessed his sexual affairs involving members of his staff during his show last Thursday night. And if you know him pretty well, he did it on a light note and a bit of comedy. Confessing it with a straight face, his confession came out serious but funny at the same time. But the most shocking aspect of this story is not the affairs but the alleged extortion made against him.

‘Sextortion’ as some call it involves a CBS producer, Robert “Joe” Halderman who have been charged with first-degree attempted grand larceny. Halderman demanded $2 million dollars from Letterman or else he will come out of the limelight and reveal his sexual adventure with his staffers.

On the other hand, Halderman denied all this allegations and pleaded not guilty. According to members of his family, they cannot believe Joe will be able to do such a thing.

“We don’t understand anything that would drive Joe into this position,” his uncle Richard Smith said. “It’s just not his nature.”

Whether or not this is true, the real victims of this drama is not Letterman but the women he is involved with. So let justice be served for the the good of everyone.